Learn About Tonkinese Cats

Below is a brief description of the Tonkinese history, conformation, colors and personality of Tonkinese cats.

TAdult Tonkineseonkinese History

Tonkinese is a pedigreed breed developed in the 60s and 70s from Siamese and Burmese. They have been their own distinct breed since the early 80s and since then Tonks are only bred to Tonks. They look like the Thai cats depicted in “The Cat-Book Poems of Siam” during the Ayudha Period (1358-1767).

TAthletic Tonkineseonkinese Conformation

It is moderate cat in conformation with a well built muscular body. They get that body by lots of play activity. Many like to jump to your shoulder. A shoulder is their favorite place as they like to be close to humans. Although active, they are not usually as hyper as some breeds. This activity alternates with being a cuddly lap cat. This is a photo of Truffle Double Trouble competing in Agility. He is also a lovebug.

TKitten and Childonkinese Personality

Their personality is not moderate. Tonks are very social, which is a large part of why they have become such a popular companion breed.  Tonkinese are not a good choice if you want an aloof, independent cat. They are a good choice if you want an cat that is both active at times and at other times a lap cat. They usually get along with other animals and children. Its good to get a pair if you work a lot, as they don't like being alone.


TChampagne Kittensonkinese Colors

Tonkinese come in 12 color/coat patterns. The Tonkinese Colors and Coat Patterns page explain and describe the various colors. Their coloring comes in 4 basic colors with 3 levels of contrast between their points (face, tail, paws) and their body. The kittens on the left have the same color points but different level of body color contrast. The kittens on the right have different point colors. But no matter how they are painted, they come with the same wonderful Tonk personality. Additional information and on the Tonkinese Brees Association website color and coat patterns.


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