Join us Memorial Day Weekend in Orlando at a

CFA Allbreed Cat Show

May 24th & 25th, 2008
Hours: 9 am to 4 pm both days

Entrance Fee: Special Memorial Weekend rate of $5 with children under 10 free!
The show hall is air-conditioned and handicap accessible.

See hundreds of pedigree cats and kittens in up to 41 different breeds compete for Best of Breed. You will see cats ranging from long hair beautiful Persians to hairless sphynx and everything inbetween. The competition is non-stop action with 12 independent judges throughout the 2 day event.
Vendors with fun pet related products.

Central Florida Fairground
4603 W Colonial Drive,
Orlando, Florida 32808,   MAP
telephone 407- 295-3247

Visiting a Cat Show: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA)? It the largest and oldest registry of cats. We only show in CFA.

CFA LogoThe national schedule includes the US, Japan and other parts of the world


What breeds will be at the show? Each CFA cat show has many different breeds ranging from long haired Persians and Maine Coons to curly coated Rexs and hairless Sphynx. THis is an opportunity to learn about the different personalities of the individual breeds. Just like a German Shepard and Poodle have different personalities a Persian and Tonkinese will be very different.

How are the cats judged? Each pedigreed cat is judged according to a written standard for its breed.  The standard is different for each breed (for example, a long haired Persian has a different coat than the hairless Sphynx).  Household Pets have no required look. They are judged on beauty, condition and temperament. This a complex process and the Judging Guide describes the process. CFA has a standard for every breed.

Will there be pedigreed cats and kittens for sale at the show? Yes, many breeders bring cats or kittens for sale. Other breeders may have kittens at home too young to bring to the show, so if you see a cat you like, be sure to ask the owner if they have kittens available at home or litters due in the near future. Many breeders place business cards on their cages for this purpose.

When is the best time to come? Because each judge is independent of the others and there are several judging categories, each judge will be judging multiple Best in Show Finals. This means there is lots of activity going on throughout the event.

Is there handicapped access to the show hall? Yes, the show hall has handicapped access, and convenient off street parking.

Is anything special done to prepare them for a show? Yes, the cats are bathed and groomed ranging from an elaborate process for longhairs such as the Persians to a shorter one for shorthairs such as a Tonkinese.


May I bring my own cat or other pet to the show? No, only cats entered in the show are allowed in the show hall. Deadline to enter your cat is about a week before the show. If you are interested in entering your cat, please see the flyer link with entry information on how to enter the show.

How can I tell if my cat is pedigreed? By its registration papers. Many breeds developed naturally; in response to climate or other conditions and are similar to other breeds that evolved independently.  For example, cats from all over the world in similar climates, such as the Siberian Cat or the Norwegian Forest Cat, have a few traits in common with the Maine Coon.  Many mixed-breed cats came from the same gene pool, and have a similar appearance.

Will there be pet supplies and novelties for sale? Yes, there will be several vendors selling cat-related items. This may include general pet supplies, toys, T-shirts, jewelry or other items.

Can I touch the cats in the show? Please do not touch the cats without the owners' permission. Touching can pass germs from cat to cat, or oils in your skin can damage show grooming. A few owners may allow you to touch their kitty if your hands are clean and disinfected. Feel free to ask, but please don't be too disappointed if some owners say "no." They just love their cats and are trying to be careful.

Can I take pictures of the cats? Yes, feel free to bring your camera but please ask as you might scare the kitties. Always ask the owners' permission before taking any picture.

What is a Cat Club? Cat clubs are not-for-profit clubs made up completly of volunteers who share a love of cats. They produce shows but also have educational activities and support cat welfare projects. See the club web site for Cat Club of the Palm Beaches for more information.